A Pre-Payment is a deposit method usually used to hold an amount of credit for a client. This may be money taken in advance for use against future purchases, or used to hold another type of deposit income instead of offering the client a refund.

Selling a Pre-Payment

A pre-payment can be sold either through "Departures" or "Client Sale". It must be sold under the name of the client that will be using the pre-payment.

When on the client's billing, screen click the "Pre-Payment" icon.

  • The following line will be added to your client’s bill.
  • Enter the required pre-payment amount in the "Unit Price" box.
  • Click the “Green Tick
  • On the “Payment Allocation” screen, input the payment method
  • Click the “Green Tick” again.

Viewing a Pre-Payment

To view the pre-payment balance for a client, navigate to their record card.

  • Click “Clients Menu” and then “Clients”.
  • Search for their client record card and then select the “Account Tab”.

You will now see the amount of pre-payment that has been sold in the “Pre-Payments” box.

Redeeming a Pre-Payment

Once a pre-payment has been sold to a client it is now classed as a method of payment. It can be redeemed against any appointment or stock item. If the pre-payment is reserved for a specific purpose, please ensure that you put notes in “Additional Details” > “Departure Notes”, detailing this.

When on the client's billing screen, either through “Departures” or “Client Sale”, the pre-payment amount will always be displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • As soon as an item is added to the bill, the “Pre-Payments” icon will be highlighted within the “Till Messages” section. This must be clicked before the transaction can be processed.

A “Details” message will now appear stating that the client has a pre-payment and showing the amount.

  • You will now be able to “Green Tick” and move onto the “Payment Allocation
  • Select “Pre-Payment Redemption” as the payment method.

This will only be available if the client has a pre-payment balance.

If the pre-payment balance matches or exceeds the bill value, the required amount will now show adjacent to the payment method.

 If there is not enough pre-payment to cover the entire bill, a prompt will display.

  • Click “OK” and then pay the balance with other payment methods
  • Click the “Green Tick”.

Refunding a Pre-Payment

In extreme situations, you may be required to refund a pre-payment.

  • If this is the case then go to “Client Sale”.
  • Identify the client and if required “Green Tick
  • Click the “Pre-Payment” icon.
  • In the “Unit Price” box enter the amount that you wish to refund, ensuring that it has a “Minus” sign entered before the amount
  • Press “Enter” on your keyboard
  • A box will appear stating “You are doing a Prepayment Refund, is this correct?
  • Click “Yes
  • Click on any “Till Message” icons that are highlighted, including “Pre-Payments
  • Green Tick”.

Select the payment method for the refund; a “Pre-Payment” refund is generally made using the same payment method as the original purchase.

  • Click the “Green Tick”.


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