Coronavirus Resources

Premier Mobile Arrivals

Review questionnaires and arrive clients ready for their appointment with Premier Mobile Arrivals.


Appointment Ready SMS

How to set-up and send SMS to clients when you are ready for their appointment


Free Posters

Request a copy of our free COVID-19 posters below.

These include: No walk-ins / Please stand behind the line / Please keep a 2m/1m+ distance / Contactless payments only / Collection & drop off point / Please do not handle the products / No eating. Water in disposable cups only / Please wait here / We will text you when it is time for your appointment /  Please attend your appointment on your own / Please attend the spa/gym on your own / Spa/gym hygiene - hand washing, touching your face, sneezing / Please use the hand sanitiser available / Please do not attend the spa/gym if you have the following symptoms / If guidelines are not observed, no services will be provided.


Request your copy below:

COVID Client Warning

Alert clients if a staff member starts to display symptoms of COVID-19 with this guide.


Revisit your diary

Adhere to social distancing using either Group Activity or Facility booking within Core.


Medical Questionnaire Guides

Set up your COVID-19 medical questionnaire and send it in advance of a client's visit using these videos:


Reopening: At its Core

Prepare your spa for life after coronavirus with our free guide!


Request your copy below: