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Increase spa revenue with online booking platform, RevSpa

The client experience begins on your website, so why not make it user-friendly and relaxing right from the very first touch?

Core by Premier Software® integrates with RevSpa’s online booking platform to offer a personalised shopping journey through your website. This not only helps create a more tailored experience, but increases clients’ average spend.

With a dedicated support team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, RevSpa makes sure your spa is looked after.

Why RevSpa?

Direct Sales

Generate more direct sales while reducing third-party costs and commission fees.

Increase revenue

Access all of RevSpa's revenue generating features, with set-up handled for you.

Two-way Systems

Share live availability and capture client data through a two-way integration.

Time Efficiency

Reduce call volumes and admin, helping staff focus on the client experience.

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Give your direct revenue streams a boost with Core and RevSpa.

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Maximise every booking opportunity

Learn more about RevSpa's revenue generating features:

  • Streamlined Checkout
    Provide options to create a tailored spa experience while increasing conversion rates with streamlined checkouts. Multiple guests can also book in one easy transaction.

  • Upselling Opportunities
    Maximise revenue opportunities with RevSpa’s up-selling and cross-selling functions. Clients can effortlessly add custom upgrades for treatments and items at the checkout.

  • Dynamic Pricing
    Remain in control of your pricing strategy. Simply set your structures for peak and off-peak rates in Core. This information is then shared with RevSpa.

  • Multi-site Control
    Expertly manage packages at each location with multi-site control. Have visibility of what works and where changes need to be made.

  • Membership Management
    Reduce admin by giving members the ability to manage their bookings and access exclusive discounts online.

  • Sales Dashboard
    Gain access to RevSpa’s sales dashboard. Here you can monitor your results and focus on every opportunity to increase sales.


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