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Unifying hotel departments to deliver a full-service experience can be challenging. For this reason, it is crucial to integrate a system that improves communication between your hotel, spa and health club.

Core by Premier Software® integrates with Hotel Perfect to transfer client, booking and billing data in real-time. This ensures all teams remain in sync to provide a superior client experience.

Live communication

Place bookings and communicate them in real-time using Core and Hotel Perfect.

Data sharing

Share records between both systems for identification purposes.

Package options

Secure packages using the room rate only, with details to be agreed later.

Billing breakdown

Post a breakdown of retail and non-stock items for room billing.

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Rest easy with a two-way integration

Uncover the benefits of the Hotel Perfect integration and how it works from setup to client departure.

  • Package Codes
    Packages can be set up in both Core and Hotel Perfect, linked via a Package Code. This enables the correct option to be identified and select in the PMS at the point of booking.

  • Reservations
    Each client can be booked on a separate package, with details communicated between Hotel Perfect and Core. The spa or leisure team can then schedule the package for a suitable time.

  • Profile Sharing
    New client data will be shared from the PMS to Core upon a new reservation. This will create a client card that includes their name, address and contact details.

  • Amendments
    Should a booking be amended in Hotel Perfect, Core will automatically unschedule any conflicting appointments. Any hotel cancellations will also be reflected in Core.

  • Billing Breakdown
    Hotel Perfect will provide a breakdown of items at the point of check-out, with any non-inclusive package costs detailed for complete transparency.

  • Financials
    All financial data will be communicated across both systems in real-time, with any details sent to the correct income centres for each area of the business.


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